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Meet the CryoSpot - Localized Cryotherapy Unit

Introducing the CryoSpot, localized cryotherapy unit. In certain cases when the skin

needs to be cooled without affecting its surrounding areas then this is when the

CryoSpot comes in. This unit is quite compact in size and weight. It can be used

conveniently in any health clinic or beauty salon. CryoSpot may be used without

any help of a medically qualified person as it is considered a cosmetology equipment

for body care. The equipment will be an excellent complement to any existing cryosauna,

since it uses a similar type of Dewar vessels.


The main advantages of CryoSpot is it‘s portability, efficiency, exceptional safety

system with 24V power supply and ease of use. The time required for its preparation

and attaining the working temperature is less than 4 minutes. Consumption of liquid

nitrogen per procedure does not exceed 0.06 l/min., which is the lowest of such

devices. It is also equally important that by using the CryoSot, your skin never comes

in contact with liquid nitrogen.

What is Localized Cryotherapy?

Localized cryotherapy is used to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling in targeted areas. Unlike

Whole Body Cryotherapy, which stimulates cold receptors all over the body in order to trigger an

internal systemic anti-inflammatory response, local cryotherapy is comparable to “icing”, although

much more powerful and efficient based on our experience. Clients requently combine this application

with Whole Body Cryotherapy, to treat problem areas both from the “inside out” as well as from

the “outside in”. With temperatures as low as -70o C to -90o C, a local area treatment generally

takes about 1-3 minutes, keeping the nozzle at the distance of 2-4 cm from the skin.


Considering that maximum temperature is at the nozzle (up to -100˚С), the operator can achieve the

necessary degree of cooling by varying distance from the nozzle to the exposed skin (each centimeter

of the stream means temperature increases by 50 to 80˚С) and the flow rate.


Units for local cryotherapy are equipped with a hose which allows easy manipulation, and different

nozzles. These units are much smaller and economical in liquid nitrogen consumption than wholebody

cryotherapy equipment. They are rather compact and mobile, and if necessary, may be used

even at home if liquid nitrogen supply is available.


• Stability of therapeutic factors, variability, dosage


• Ability to influence part of the body in violation of the

integrity of the skin, into areas not accessible to

other cooling agent

• Ability to significantly reduce and completely eliminate


• Procedures comfortable to exclude

damage and microtrauma, do not lead to

side effects

• Procedures are short, do not require

preparation of the apparatus, nor the

patient, which provides advantage

in bandwidth with other types of cryotherapy.



• Cosmetology

(cryogenic massage, cellulitis, acne, seborrhea etc.)

• Dermatology

(psoriasis, neurodermitis, eczema etc.)

• Neuropathology

(neuritis, neuralgia, radiculitis)

• Manual therapy


• Treatment of injuries

• Treatment of burns

• Sports medicine

• Recovery after surgery

• Removal of acute and chronic pain, spasms

• Removal of inflammation, edema

• Regulation of muscle tone

• Improvement of motor function

• Activation of metabolic processes

• Increased immunity

• Improvement of microcirculation

• Recovery after surgery

Choose SMP For Your Cryotheraphy Needs

SMP supplies the equipment, assures the guarantee and the post guarantee services, the installation and the training of the staff. The

consultants from SMP are always ready to help you, to advice you where and how to install the CryoZap cryosauna and which model

is suitable for your business and even for your home. This allows you to go with a company in SMP that will surely set you apart from

the rest of the competition.


The large scale of indications, the big capacity (up to 20 people/hour), the easy way of using make cryosaunas extremely profitable,

bringing you important income. The investment is paid off in 6-12 months. Except for the liquid nitrogen, no other discharges are

necessary. Given the fact that the cryosauna doesn’t have any age and health restrictions, everybody can be a client!


•Customer Care

Our customer operations team embodies the SMP commitment — to provide our customers with unsurpassed, end-to-end support and access to specialized services and activities.



A client services specialist prepares you for installation and build-out, including cryosauna specifications, space dimensions, ventilation requirements, oxygen monitor and more.



A certified cryotherapy instructor delivers the industry-leading course, “Whole Body Cryotherapy Operator Training: Safety is Essential,” at the installation of your cryosauna, as a refresher or for your new staff.


•Nitrogen Gas Relations

The director of gas relations acts as a liaison with your gas local company, before and after installation. He addresses questions regarding the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) and/or Fire Code, specialized manufactured gas tanks, micro bulk systems and other gas matters.


•Service & Support

Led by the director of cryotherapy engineering, our team of cryotherapy engineers provide unmatched expertise to ensure Impact’s equipment meets the high performance you expect.



The marketing team provides pre- and post-install assistance on grand opening marketing plans, brand and promotional strategies, social media and website development.

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